Car insurance not required

You are required to have a car insurance policy. Yet there are exceptions. What are the exemptions for third-party motor insurance?

The rule of thumb is that as long as the license plate is in your name, your car must be at least WA insured. There are, however, some exceptions to this rule. Such an exemption is, for example, if a motor vehicle is owned by the government.

Mind objectors

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A second exception is for exempt conscientious objectors. People who do not want to take out insurance for basic, often religious, grounds are conscientious objectors. They may be uninsured under certain conditions. They do, however, pay an annual contribution to the Motor Traffic Guarantee Fund. If conscientious objectors cause damage, they must pay for it themselves.

Temporary suspension

Temporary suspension

If you decide not to drive your car for a longer period, you can temporarily suspend the license plate. Your car does not have to be insured during the suspension period. The car may then of course not be on public roads. If the insurance is suspended, the insurance company will continue to run a nariso risk for 16 days. If there is any liability damage within this period, the insurer must pay it. Temporary suspension is the third exemption for car insurance.

Car Lender

Car Lender

The last situation in which a third-party car insurance is superfluous is if you have a motor vehicle that is exempt from insurance by the government. An example of this is the electric bicycle or the Car Lender. Please note, a speed is no longer included from 2017.


If you do not fall under one of these exceptions, you must at least take out a third-party liability insurance. Nowadays the RDW is allowed to compare license plates and insurance details. That is why the chance of being caught is very high if you drive around uninsured. That is not necessary at all. At Lender you can find the cheapest car insurance for your car.